Miss Behavior (kandiekrazie) wrote in typicalteen,
Miss Behavior

2nd chances

I was in a relationship that I enjoyed and loved. A relationship with a person that I wanted to keep for a long time. However, I acted in ways that was not usually myself and went the extra mile to keep this relationship going. For example: I dressed to impress, agreed to everything (I have learned that is a major no-no), and showed so much sensitivity that it almost seemed I was obsessive towards the relationship (I think that kind of scared him off too). Trying to do all this for him was actually stressful. I actually don’t know why I was acting like this. I’m usually this very laid-back person who wouldn’t care what seasonal trend was going on at the moment. We broke up and remained friends for a long while. Now, I feel comfortable and in my own skin when I‘m with him. And he has grown to be one of my best friends. I can debate with him and we share our hopes and dreams. He has even seen me dressed in the grungiest of situations, and it never bothered to him. We have grown very comfortable with each other now. However, I want that second chance to be with him now that I feel like I have a real identity of who I am and who I am when I’m with him. But he has this “Great Friend” but “Bad Girlfriend” impression on me. How do I break from this image? How can I get that second chance to be with him?
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