Queen of Madness (queenofmadness) wrote in typicalteen,
Queen of Madness

A Request for Help


I just stopped by this community today in hopes for a little help. I am an aspiring writer with a social conscience. I am currently writing a novel (fiction) on various teen issues as a way to express real problems to a larger audience. It is because of this I hope you accept my post (I will not be posting any other messages besides this one but if you still feel this should not be displayed in this community I give my humblest apologies and will delete it.)

What I need however is a grasp on female verbal bullying such as gossip and spreading rumors to gain social status or torment those lower ranking then themselves. I am asking several teen communities to give me examples of verbal or other non-physical bullying from female tormentors so I can make my story as real as possible. I really want the most scathing, dreadful, horrendious, and uncensored examples from you or anyone else who has been through or knows someone who has been through some of these torments.

I will take the best of these anectdotes and fictionalize them to put in my novel. I can't offer anything in reward, as this will all be anonymous, except the chance to do something for a cause (by helping open the world's eyes!) If what you have to say is too loathsome to post here or you have a question to ask of me please send your comments here: tenebrious_knowlege@yahoo.com (anyone that does so will be updated on the progress of this novel if they so please - it should be ready to publish in a year's time.) Please feel free to crosspost or e-mail this message to whomever you think may be of help. Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.
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