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I'm going to 8th grd. prom with someone elses boyfriend

I thought I could write about what's going on with this prom thing. It might be an entertaining story for some, it's actually extremely confusing for me.
So I asked Zack out to the prom. I've liked him since around the beginning of December. I was really nervous, I know him, but not well. I sit by him in gym and we have our little conversations. So he told me to wait.. so after a week he said yes. The next day he asked Pam out. I was furious. But then he told me he's still going to the dance with me, as friends ofcourse because he promised me and he doesn't want to be mean.

Melissa is Pams friend, I talked to Pam because I thought she was a good friend of mine and she said it was fine to both me and Zack. But Melissa threatened me so I broke it off, then I called him back and told him that I'll deal with the conseqences, that I still want to go with him, I wasn't about to let her control my life. The next day she took back the threats but told me that she still cares that I'm going with someone elses boyfriend. Liek I care, it's none of her business anyway!

So today (I sit by Pam and Melissa in art) they were being really mean to me. I felt so secluded. And then I hear that Pam called me a bitch. I dont care, I'm still going to prom with Zack. Just thought I'd share my story.
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