xithicax (xithicax) wrote in typicalteen,


Hai there.

I am inviting all LJ members to come join my community. There are no need to stereotype invitations, everyone is welcome. It’s a place for you to discuss many topics with other people around the world. Some of the topics include make up, dieting, celebs , tv and film , debates, advice on sexual and psychical health and relationships. There is also a ‘general’ forum for you all to just talk about whatever interests you! You can also gain ‘gems’ from posting to buy stuff in the feature shop, use your own avatars and upload your own photography!

I really look forward to seeing you around there sometime


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This site seems cool. It's a bit hard to navigate though. I'll think about joining it, but in the meantime, would you like me to whore it around to other people? LOL


May 4 2006, 21:15:41 UTC 11 years ago

I know it looks abit difficult to navigate, i was worried people might have that trouble. The only thing you really need to know for now is that the 'top 10 posts' are the ones that are having the most activity and 'forums' shows you evvverything where you can add posts yourself.

I would be really grateful if you could whore it around for me :D Thanks alot!
hi - was just wondering what psychical means.